Airtight building

Our gastight and vapourtight coatings are often used in this industry. Airtight building is becoming more and more important in non-residential building. We have been making cold rooms gastight for over 35 years, where sometimes oxygen levels of less than 0,5% are used. Therefore, we are used to working with an extremely high level of airtightness.

Museums or archives are typical spaces that require a closed room to be able to adjust the oxygen percentage or temperature. In this way, you can prevent the occurence of fire and protect valuable pieces. Further, altitude rooms are non-residential buildings that we often seal hermetically. With a hermetically sealed room, the oxygen percentage in the room can be lowered. In this way, people are given the possibility to train themselves to be on high altitudes.


Further, our protective coatings are widely used in this industry. We often treat metal constructions that require a protective coating against corrosion. Our roof coatings are mostly used to provide a UV-resistant or waterproof layer. The purpose of the application is to form a base layer under solar panels or to protect the roof and building against heating or water. All in all, we offer solutions for objects that require the highest possible protection.