Floor marking for warehouses and workshops

The request

Bison International gave us the assignment for the replacing of yellow floor lines in their warehouse. The current floor lines were damaged and not visible anymore. For a company such as Bison International, where safety is of high priority, the renewal of the floor lines was very important. Around the loading docks the floor lines had to be renewed as well, in a clear red color. Below the bariers, new floor lines are applied as well.


First we blasted the remains of the old lines. After this, the surface is made dust-free and grease-free, so that work can be done in a clean way. Then we taped all the lines with 50 mm tape. After taping, we could start applying the lines. We have selected the product MarrFill Floorprimer EC with colorant powder for the lines. The yellow color is a RAL 1003 and the red color is a RAL 3000. The MarrFill Floorprimer EC is very suitable for this project due to its excellent bonding strength. It contains an epoxy-resin combination which seals mineral substrates such as concrete and cement screeds. In addition, it is resistant to scale, condensation and various chemicals. After curing of this product, the tape can be removed and the lines are ready.


The activities were well supervised from Bison International, which ensured a good course of the activities. Safety regulations were observed throughout the project. In the end, neat floor lines were placed which are clearly visible.

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