Approximately 87% of solar radiation is reflected with the reflective roof coating. This saves energy on cooling actions.

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Gulf West Company Ltd. is an import and distribution company for refrigerated and frozen food. They have their headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has a desert climate with very hot and dry summers. On the hottest summer days it is often around 50 degrees. The winters are also still warm, around 20 degrees. For a company such as Gulf West that has to store refrigerated and frozen food, this means that an enormous number of cooling actions must be taken to maintain a low temperature. This costs a lot of energy when the sun shines daily on the roof. When they were introduced to our Adgreencoat, they immediately wanted to see if they could reduce the heat of the sun and thereby save energy in cooling.


The roof at Gulf West consisted of metal roof plates. The roof first had to be cleaned thoroughly with high pressure to remove the sand. Loose parts and rust spots were also removed. After this, the roof was pre-treated with ProFill Metal Coat, especially the screws and the rust spots. Then two layers of Adgreencoat were applied with a drying time of one day in between. We applied this coating with an airless sprayer. Due to the warm ambient temperature, the coating dried very quickly.


After completion of the project, information about the effects of Adgreencoat is collected at three locations. Data loggers are placed on the roof and inside to measure the temperature. In addition, meter readings are monitored to see if less energy is being used. With this, the effect and energy saving can ultimately be determined.

In 2017 we also treated a roof with Adgreencoat at Kloosterboer in Vlissingen, whereby an energy saving of 17% was achieved within a year.

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