The realization of a chic facade and protection against weather influences.

Leo Interieurgroep is a Dutch company that designs and realizes custom interiors for private individuals, companies and institutions.


With their movement to the city of Goes, the company wanted a chique look for the front of their new company building. At first the building was light grey and untended, which did not fit the appearance of the company. Leo requested us to make a chique black facade. Their request was purely aesthetic. Clearly, the sheet pile walls needed to be protected from weather influences as well.


First we cleaned the building with water under high pressure. After drying, we could immediately apply two layers of ProFill Metal Coat. ProFill Metal Coat is both used as a primer and as final layer. We applied this coating with our airless-spraying machine. It is of high importance to apply two layers, to create the right layer thickness and protection.


Leo Interieurgroep wants to provide their clients with beautiful custom interior designs. The appearance of the company building gives their clients the right first impression as soon as they enter the company ground.

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