Marina Wemeldinge is a central starting point located at the Oosterschelde National Park. From here, all kinds of sailing trips are made to, for example, the Veerse Meer or the North Sea.

The marina has 525 permanent berths and radiates luxury and cosiness. The marina is distinguished with a blue flag and green pennant, two international environmental marks. Every comfort has been thought of, such as water, electricity and a side jetty for all berths. There are also comfortable sanitary facilities at the marina, under the harbor office and in a floating pavilion in the Oosthaven.


The marina was looking for a solution for the floating sanitary pavilion in the Oosthaven. The existing floor, which consisted of a coating, no longer met the requirements. The floor no longer looked neat and was difficult to clean. After carefully mapping out the situation, the possible load and the requirements that the floor must meet, we advised the marina to treat the floor with a coating that is water- and liquid-tight, that can be properly cleaned and that, in addition, has a decorative effect.


First of all we started sanding and roughening the floor to create adhesion. When the floor was roughened, we thoroughly cleaned it to remove the dust and loose parts. We applied our MarrFill Floorprimer EC as the first layer. This primer consists of two components and contains an epoxy-resin combination, which was the most suitable for the existing polyester floor.

After the primer dried for 24 hours, we could start applying the first layer of our MarrFill Floorcoat PU polyurethane coating. This coating is resistant to mechanical and chemical loads and weather influences. The material is also very suitable for surfaces that are exposed to continuous water load. Due to the salty seawater that visitors might walk in and the water from the sanitary facilities, the Floorcoat PU is very suitable for this situation. After a day of drying we applied a second layer of the coating. In this layer, we have sprinkled flakes. These flakes were selected in consultation with the customer and conceal spots or dirt because of the pattern and color.

After a day of drying, we were able to apply our MarrFill PU Finish on the floor. This is a transparent polyurethane resin which is used as a matte sealing material for coating systems. The product is very durable and elastic. The substrate is less susceptible to scratching and easy to clean after treatment. This considerably increases the resistance of the floor.


The result is a floor that meets all requirements, both aesthetically and practically. The flakes ensure that the floor always looks good. The floor coating is applied until above the plinth, so that no water remains in the corners and it is easy to clean with a floor cleaner. Applying a floor coating is very specific, because each floor is loaded differently and must meet different requirements. We therefore first carefully map out the current situation and requirements. Ask us for advice.

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