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Camping de Olmen is a small holiday residence situated in Zeeland, the Netherlands, very close to the beach of Zoutelande.

There are 15 camping pitches on the mini-campsite with private sanitary facilities for each. In this way, the camping guest experiences the real feeling of camping, but also the comfort of home. The sanitary building is found in the middle of the field and consists of 16 luxury bathrooms and a guest toilet. In addition, there is a special care room with a bathtub for babies.


To preserve the comfort of the luxury bathrooms, Camping de Olmen was looking for a solution for the floors. They no longer looked completely fresh and experienced some damage or cracks here and there. This made it difficult to keep the floor’s view clean and luxurious.

After visiting the campsite and mapping the requirements for the bathroom flooring, we were able to give the camping owners proper advice. We advised Camping de Olmen to treat the floors with a coating system that is resistant to water and dirt, which can be kept clean and also looks fresh and tidy.

We were looking for a company that could advise us on the renovation of the floors and would also carry out the work. The people at Ribbstyle were able to give us good advice and the work was performed well. We are happy with the result and look back on the collaboration with pleasure.

Wink Boogaard - Holiday residence De Olmen


We first sanded and thoroughly cleaned all floors. To achieve a good adhesion of our coating on the floor, we first applied MarrFill Floorprimer EC. This primer has a very good adhesion strength and forms a good basis for the floor coating. After a day of drying we were able to apply the first layer of MarrFill Floorcoat PU. We have rolled this coating onto the floor with a paint roller. By rolling the coating slightly onto the wall, dirt and water cannot foul the joint.


Immediately after rolling, we scatter special flakes from the loose wrist, also called “chips” in the wet coating. The flakes are available in all sorts of colors so that the customer can get the floor exactly as desired. The flakes create a very light anti-slip structure, which is very practical in a bathroom. After drying the coating with the chips, the floor is sanded slightly to remove any sharp edges. The floor is then seamlessly finished with a two-layer topcoat. This makes the floor strong, durable, chemically resistant and very easy to maintain. We apply this system in every bathroom.


Camping de Olmen wants to provide its guests with luxury and comfort through the private sanitary facilities. The appearance of the bathroom floors plays a major role in this. After the application of our coating system, the result is a floor that is easy to clean, but also looks clean due to the flakes.

The application of a floor coating is a very specific work, because each floor is loaded differently and must meet different requirements. Therefore we first carefully map out the current situation and requirements. You can always ask us for free advice.

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