The application of floor lines at a company warehouse

The request

We received the request of the company GripFactory to repair floor markings at a company warehouse. The request of the company is a yellow floor marking with walkway images. In total there was about 450 meters of lines to be placed.


The existing tape floor marking was removed beforehand. All the substrates where floor lines will be applied, are roughened machinally. The roughening of the substrate is necessary to create an optimal adhesion with the polluted surface. Consequently, the floor lines will be taped for positioning and proposed to the customer for approval. After approval, the floor lines are applied with the Solidlux Instant Coating system. The coating is applied in three layers and cured with UV radiation.


The benefit of the Solidlux Instant Coating is that it is immediately dry and resistant. This means that the nuisance for the customer is reduced to almost none. It is temperature independent and can therefore be applied to cold surfaces as well.



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