High-quality coatings

RibbStyle is manufacturer, installer and international distributor of high-quality gastight, vapour-proof, industrial and protective coatings. For over 35 years custom-made solutions are offered for any project on a worldwide scale.


Our coatings are manufactured from various raw materials. The composition of our coatings is chosen carefully, with which a qualitatively high-grade product is obtained. Combined with properties like elasticity and durability, our products offer a potential and often surprising solution where other conventional paints and coatings cannot be applied adequately.


Our specialisation in, among others, gastight and vapour-proof coatings makes Ribbstyle an exception compared to many industries who apply usual coating techniques.


RibbStyle also gladly applies its specialist knowledge and experience for your project. Contact us for more information, advice or  a free permanent quotation.


RibbStyle: coatings to protect and preserve