Controlled Atmosphere (CA), Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) and Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) are technologies to keep fresh produce preserved for as long as possible after harvesting. In CA storage, the oxygen level and CO2 level are controlled, using nitrogen, relative humidity and storage temperature. ULO storage means storing at an extremely low oxygen level. Fruits can be preserved even longer in DCA storage. This is done by using extremely low oxygen levels and temperatures, and continuously measuring values. By means of these storage technologies, fruits can be preserved for a long time, up to 12 months. The gastightness of the room is very important, especially in DCA technologies.

Ripening rooms

Achieving the right color, taste, quality and structure of tropical fruits is essential during the ripening process. To realize that, a perfect climate control is needed. Without an airtight room it can be difficult to completely control the in-room atmosphere. Ethylene gas can escape through joints, but outside air can enter as well, with another temperature or air composition.

Besseling Group relies on the products and expertise of Ribbstyle for gastight cold stores. In addition, the cooperation between our companies is efficient and very pleasant.

Eric van der Zwet - Sales Manager Besseling Group


Fruit storage rooms only function optimally when the room is made completely gastight. Specifically, without a gastight room, it is difficult to bring and keep your storage rooms on regime. Important aspects to check for gastightness apart from a gastight door, passages and the inspection hatch, are the panel joints of a storage room.


Since decades, the “Ribbfilling” of panel joints has been a perfect solution for CA and ULO rooms. Ribbfilling has become a powerful system as we combine several products into a multi-layer technique. Our extremely gastight coatings form an elastic-like rubber layer. Because of this, they make cooling and storage spaces optimally controllable. On top of that, they provide a hygienic finishing of all joints. It is not without reason that “Ribbfillen” has become a concept in the fruit sector.

Working method

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Working method

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