We have the right knowledge and expertise for the proper treatment of your compost tunnels and cultivation rooms. You can also contact us for repair and maintenance.


The main reasons why our vapourtight coatings are used in this industry is for the prevention of diseases and contamination. RibbStyle coatings create a vapour tight layer, meaning that bacteria are confined to one and the same room.


Another important reason for customers to use our products is because of the improvement of hygiene and work space. Where normally the growing rooms are dark and grey, RibbStyle coatings make them white and cleanable. Finally, Ribbstyle coatings protect the compost tunnels and growing rooms against steam, heat and moisture. Without a vapourtight coating, this enters through the porous walls into the construction. Therefore, we make sure the isolation value of the tunnels and growing rooms stay protected.

Supporter of Mushroom Valley

Since 2018 we are proud supporter of Mushroom Valley. Mushroom Valley is the international platform for mushroom cultivation. The mushroom makes an important contribution to a circular economy. Around 80% of mushroom production worldwide already uses the knowledge, raw materials and technology from our partners.