Our vapourtight coating system prevents contamination.

In addition to sealing fruit rooms, Ribbstyle has been active for more than 30 years in the protection of mushroom growing rooms and compost tunnels. Ribbstyle distinguishes itself by applying a complete system.

The request

Mushroom growing rooms and compost tunnels are very sensitive to vapor transport. The optimal climate for growing a mushroom is with high humidity and high temperature. The risk of germs infecting tunnels or rooms through vapor transport is a major concern for every grower, including Braam Champignon Cultures from Yerseke. They asked us to seal the mushroom rooms with our vapourtight coating system to prevent contamination. Another important reason for sealing the rooms is to prevent the underlying structure from being affected by moisture and from corrosion.


First, the substrate is cleaned very well. After that it is very important that the substrate is dry, so that no moisture will remain under the coating. We apply the correct primer as usual and then two layers of CorrFill Indoor Coat with CorrFill Fleece ZG in between. It is very important that a mushroom growing room is completely gastight. Seams with silicone sealant that are not completely covered with a gastight coating and a reinforcing fleece are often seen to come off, creating a crack. Holes or cracks are perfect places for contamination of bacteria, but also for insects such as flies. Vapor transport from one room to the other can then occur. This can result in corrosion on the substrate or underlying construction. Enough reason for Braam to use this system in their growing rooms.


The result is an extremely vapor-proof finish for the mushroom growing rooms. All seams, holes and cracks are sealed, so that germs or insects have no chance to penetrate into the growing cell. A clean and hygienic workspace has been created where sustainability is the starting point. For us, sustainability means that there is little maintenance on the rooms and that they can carry out their business processes for a long time without any problems.

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