Product description

CorrFill Fleece ZG has been developed to reinforce and give structure to the joints in a Ribbstyle coating system.

CorrFill Fleece ZG
  • Improves the mechanical strength
  • Resistant to UV, atmospheric influences and micro-organisms
  • Temperature resistant to 180°C
  • Moisture resistant
Application Easy to apply. Apply onto the first layer of wet coating. Consumption & Packaging Rolls of 100 m1
Widths of 10, 15 or 100 cm

Technical data

100% polyester
46 g/m²
0,27 mm
Moisture resistance
inertia through damp of less than 0,5% to 98% R.H.
(less than 0,3% absorption after 24 hours of immersion)
Tensile strength
daN/5cm MD > 12
daN/5cm CD > 9,5
Elongation at break
% MD 19,7
% CD 38,3
Air permeability
l/m²/s 4530
Surface preparation

Clean and degrease the substrate. Apply the required Corrfill primer to the substrate and subsequently the first layer of Ribbstyle coating. We advise to reinforce joints, cracks and dilatations with CorrFill Fleece ZG. This fleece is applied to the first layer of wet coating.


Sustainability & Storage

CorrFill Fleece ZG has an unlimited shelf life, provided that the rolls are well protected against moisture.



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