Quality policy statement

Our quality policy is aimed at meeting the wishes, expectations and requirements of our stakeholders (our clients, our collaborating parties and our employees). In addition, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our quality.

We have recorded this in our quality policy statement. Download our ISO-9001 certificate here.

Environmental Policy Statement

RibbStyle would like to contribute to a better environment. We strive to comply with laws and regulations at all times during our work and to prevent environmental damage. In addition, we aspire to reduce climate change by limiting CO2 emissions, minimizing the use of sustainable sources, reducing waste and increasing the use of sustainable sources.

An environmental policy statement has been drawn up to document this. Download our ISO-14001 certificate here.

Security Policy Statement

RibbStyle strives to make its employees work safer and to prevent accidents while performing their work. We encourage safe working by involving all employees in the implementation of working conditions, safety and health, so that applying these becomes second nature.

We have described the details of this in a safety policy statement. Download our VCA certificate here.