Vapor barrier insulation

There are several types of vapor barrier insulation. Insulation with a built in or fixed vapor barrier can be practical at the construction of buildings. The benefit of a Ribbstyle vapor barrier is that it can be applied during construction as well as on existing buildings on the inside. In Northern climates the vapor barrier insulation should be placed on the warm side of the building, the inside walls or ceiling. In Southern climates, with a high humidity, it should be placed on the outside. Always make sure to inform well with a construction consultant.


Self-adhesive vapor barrier

Unlike self-adhesive vapor barriers, the coating of Ribbstyle has a long-term adhesion. Self-adhesive vapor barriers usually have a general adhesion to adhere to all types of surfaces. The risk of the adhesion drying out should not be taken lightly. As soon as the vapor barrier is not completely adherent to the substrate, it can result in moisture bubbles being trapped underneath. By using a Ribbstyle vapor barrier coating system, the coating is fixed to the substrate by use of a suitable primer. This primer is developed specifically for that type of building material. The risk of a vapor barrier coming loose from the substrate is then severely decreased.

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Vapor barrier for walls

A Ribbstyle vapor barrier coating system makes a barrier for walls and ceilings. As it is applicable with the right primer to almost every building material, it is a solution for many buildings. Whether it’s sandwich panels or concrete, a vapor barrier with Ribbstyle coating is easy to apply. To create a vapor barrier for walls, it is important that all joints or seams between wall panels are treated with a re-paintable sealant before application of the coating system. By choosing the right products fitted to meet the situation’s requirements, the desired vapor barrier is created.

Vapor barrier for concrete

Especially autoclaved aerated concrete walls are common to be treated with Ribbstyle coating. An important reason why a Ribbstyle vapor barrier is chosen often is to treat the porosity of the substrate. In this way, the autoclaved aerated concrete material does not retain moisture or dirt. It becomes easy to clean with a Ribbstyle vapour barrier membrane. Moisture coming through the walls causing dirt or mold will be prevented.

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