Gastight coating for CA/ULO cold stores

The request

Javeko, a leading company in the building of cold stores and refrigeration stores, was commissioned to install 9 CA/ULO cold stores at a fruit grower in Hoedekenskerke. We have been working with Javeko for many years, in which they build the cold stores with their panels and doors and we seal them with our coating. We both have 35 years of experience in making gas-tight CA/ULO cold stores. At this project we were instructed to seal all corner seams of the 9 stores and all panel seams up to 50 cm. When the cold stores are finished gastight, they are suitable for the long-term storage of fruit.


First, we cleaned the cold stores well so that the space was free of dust. After this we could start applying CorrFill Primer DL for the sandwich panels. Immediately afterwards, the CorrFill Primer PA is applied to the concrete floor seam. After drying of both primers, RibbFill Control Coat is applied with our airless sprayer. The fleece CorrFill Fleece ZG is placed in the wet layer of coating. After drying, the second layer of RibbFill Control Coat is applied with the airless sprayer.

Floor lines

It is also important for the fruit grower to have lines in the cells, so that the boxes and crates can be neatly placed. We placed these lines using a laser and a mirror system. The product used for the lines is MarrFill Floorcoat EC in the color RAL 9010.


All corner seams are gastight and hygienically finished. The panel seams are treated up to 50 cm. If a bumper is added later to prevent damage from forklift trucks, the seams behind it are already sealed. With the lines added, it is possible to work neatly in the storages. Now let the fruit come.

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