The hygienic finishing system of Ribbstyle is built up with a primer that creates a solid base on the surface. After the application of a primer, the right hygienic coating is chosen that fits the requirements of the customer and the company area. When a moisture barrier is more important, a vapourtight coating is applied. The system can be reinforced with a polyester fleece for the joints, CorrFill Fleece ZG. A hygienic finishing system is usually built up with two layers of the hygienic coating. When desired, a topcoat can be applied to provide a surface that is resistant to wear or liquids.

Hygienic coating for porous substrates

Especially for porous substrates, the hygienic finishing system of Ribbstyle has several benefits. For areas that need to be hermetically sealed, our gastight coating is applied. This coating seals the room or area and makes the porous substrates gastight. In this way, the climate can be controlled. For areas that need to have a certain humidity percentage, the porous substrates can be sealed with a moisture barrier coating. This flexible concrete coating seals the porous substrate, making the walls easy to clean and resistant to dirt.

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Dirt resistant finishing system

The food safe paint of Ribbstyle is dirt resistant and food safe. Therefore, it is widely used on aerated autoclaved concrete surfaces in food production areas. The resistant coating protects the walls against dirt, but also insects or moisture. Installing this dirt resistant finishing system is easy, as it is a resistant coating that can be applied as a paint in hard to reach corners as well. The wall floor joint is also a critical object that becomes dirt resistant with the food safe coating of Ribbstyle. Opt for a liquid-tight or wear-resistant finish for this part as well.

Dirt resistant hygienic walls

Advantages of Ribbstyle hygienic finishing systems

Applying Ribbstyle’s hygienic wall paint has several advantages:

  • The adhesion of dirt is strongly reduced
  • No joints or seams that are impossible to clean
  • Resistant non-porous surfaces
  • Durable hygienic finishing system that can be built up to your requirements


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