Moisture barrier coating

The moisture barrier coating of Ribbstyle is the right protection for areas where vapor should be controlled. The coating products in combination with a lasting primer make it possible to control the humidity percentage in a room or protect the underlying construction. The moisture vapor barrier coating is flexible and elastic, in comparison to an epoxy moisture barrier. Ribbstyle coatings can manage the movements of the building, so that the moisture barrier film does not tear or crack. Due to the high elasticity, the vapor barrier will not dry out.

Applications of moisture barrier coating

With Ribbstyle coatings, the number of possible applications is endless. Whether it’s about keeping vapor outside of the room or keeping a high humidity inside, the moisture barrier coating provides a vapor barrier on joints or complete surfaces. The moisture barrier coating CorrFill Indoor Coat is applied frequently in storage rooms or growing rooms.

moisture barrier coating

Moisture barrier film for growing rooms

Especially in growing rooms, a high humidity is sometimes necessary for certain crops to grow. Usually, this is accompanied by high temperatures in order to create an optimal climate for the crop. It is mostly desired to keep this high moisture percentage and high temperature inside of the room. The moisture barrier film created with Ribbstyle’s moisture barrier coating prevents the vapor from escaping through porous substrates or joints. On top of that, the moisture barrier film protects the underlying construction from corrosion. When these joints or substrates remain unsealed, it is possible that moisture accumulates in corners or seams, allowing the metal construction to rust or even cause delamination of panels. Always consult your technician or inform yourself well before applying a moisture barrier.

Vapor barrier for storages

In some cases, it can prove difficult to create and maintain certain conditions in a room or storage area. Porous walls that allow moisture or air to come through the walls and ceilings have an influence on the inside climate. The moisture barrier film that is created with for example CorrFill Indoor Coat prevents moisture from entering, allowing the storage to be completely controlled. A project in a seed storage gives a good example of reaching a lower humidity with Ribbstyle’s moisture barrier coatings.

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