Gastight sealant solutions

Gastight storage rooms

Some storage methods are only possible with a gastight room, such as controlled atmosphere storage for the long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables. Other storages simply benefit significantly by the application of a gas tight seal. For example a ripening room that is treated with a gas tight sealant has a very limited risk of losing valuable gas through joints. A gastight sealant also helps in pest-control. Especially in bulk storage such as rice, cacao or tobacco there is a risk of insects or there are treatments to be done in a closed atmosphere. Our gastight sealant provides a suitable solution for every storage.

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Gastight coating as a fire prevention

Server rooms, archives and museums are places where a fire would be a severe problem and where quenching with water could do more damage than good. Therefore, our gastight sealants are used to seal these spaces and make sure that a low oxygen percentage for fire prevention is possible. In this way, the damage of fire or water does not even take place. We can also connect you with our partners, who supply the technology for these type of spaces.

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Gastight and hygienic food processing rooms

In the food industry our gas tight sealants are frequently used as well. On top of the high gastightness, our coatings have high elasticity and hygienic properties. Cold rooms, heat (dry) rooms, processing areas are treated with a gastight paint to prevent pests, dirt and moisture to damage the construction. Once joints are sealed with our gastight coating they are no longer a risk for contamination. Besides our gastight coatings we also supply protective coatings for walls, steel and roofs for this industry.

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Application of gastight sealant

RibbFill coatings can be applied directly to polystyrene and PU foam and have a long-term adherence by the use of a CorrFill primer to sandwich panels, aluminum, wood and more. Our gas tight sealant RibbFill Control Coat is easy to apply by brush, paint roller and even airless spraying machine. By using a spraying machine, you are assured of sufficient consumption and a fast application. Our gas tight sealant RibbFill Store Coat is appropriate for brush or paint roller applications, to seal large joints easily by hand. Both gastight paints form an elastic rubber-like layer after drying that is a long-term gas tight seal.

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