Server rooms require high quality protection against various hazards and some even require gastight sealing of the room. RibbStyle produces and applies server room coatings that meet high standards. These extremely gastight, durable and wear-resistant coatings are high-quality, semi-fluid white pastes, dispersed in water, which form a permanent elastic rubber-like layer after drying. After application, these coatings are also resistant to fire, giving your server rooms optimal protection.


We use our own patented product called “RibbFill” for server room coatings. It can be bought to apply it yourself, but more often RibbStyle does the job for you. That way you are guaranteed of correct application of the product in order to protect your server room perfectly.

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  • Over 35 years of experience in custom solutions worldwide
  • Highly durable products
  • Specialist in gastight and vapour-proof coating

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