By sealing joints and cracks and repairing rust, we have created a hygienic working environment.

All companies that perform the processing, packaging, preparation, storage or transport of foods, must dispose of a hygienic working environment that is thoroughly cleanable. W&A Fish has been a valued supplier of high quality fish and seafood since 2006. Several catering establishments, wholesalers and retailers trust on their expansive assortment and excellent service. W&A Fish tries to keep most of the company processes in their own hands and works according to strict hygiene requirements.

The request

From our visit and the conversations with W&A Fish, it became clear that the sandwich panels and bumpers in the different processing rooms and cold rooms were no longer completely hygienic. The joint between the bumpers and the sandwich panels were releasing and were very hard to clean. On the sandwich panels were also rusty spots, which is not desired in a food processing company. Our task is to repair this and make sure that W&A Fish meets the hygiene requirements again.


The spaces in which the work was to be carried out had a temperature of approximately 6 degrees. It was very humid due to the cooling and this had to be dried thoroughly first. The coating also dries faster at a higher temperature. We have used several air dryers and heaters to increase the ambient temperature. We installed these air dryers on Friday afternoon and we were able to start work on Monday.

First of all, the surface was thoroughly cleaned. The rust that was on the sandwich panels was sanded away. We have sanded the sandwich panel ceiling as well, which showed some rust and was affected by the salty environment. We have cleaned this as well as possible and pre-treated it with CorrFill Primer VP. To ensure that the seal between the bumpers and the sandwich panels is vapour-tight and hygienically finished, we first thoroughly cleaned it and roughened the stainless steel. We then pre-treated it with CorrFill Primer PA. After the primers had dried, we were able to apply our coating in two layers. To speed up the drying process after application, the air dryers were placed again.


The result is a vapourtight and hygienic finishing on the panels and bumps. This prevents dirt or insects from getting into the seam or crack. Now that the rust spots and old sealant joints have been hygienically finished, W&A Fish can meet the hygiene requirements imposed on them.

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