The application of our gastight coating system on panel joints in CA rooms

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) chambers have been used in the fruit industry for years to store fruit for a long time while preserving its shelf life. In these CA rooms, a climate is realized in which the oxygen and nitrogen percentage, as well as the humidity and temperature can be adjusted. This creates a controlled environment in which goods or raw materials can be stored or treated. These CA chambers are increasingly used in cocoa storage to maintain quality, extend shelf life and control insects.

The company Oxy-Low provides a total solution for the storage and treatment of goods such as cocoa, rice and tobacco. The CA solutions is seen as an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to fumigation with the toxic phosphine. Oxy-Low was requested to realize 4 CA rooms for a project in Amsterdam where cocoa has to be stored. However, a CA chamber cannot function without a gastight finish, because then the environment cannot be completely controlled.

The request

Ribbstyle is requested to make these CA chambers gastight. With years of experience in sealing these chambers in the fruit industry as well as in other sectors, this assignment was not a new one. However, our goal is always to achieve a good and above all, lasting result. There has to be worked carefully to ensure that the gastight system lasts for years and a neat finish is required.


Experience has taught us that our gastight coating system lasts so long by combining products that each have their own function. First, the primer for sandwich panels CorrFill Primer DL is applied, which ensures long-term adhesion. After applying the primer, two layers of the gastight coating are applied with a reinforcing fleece in between. The high-quality coating RibbFill Control Coat is extremely gastight, 400% elastic and has a hygienic finish. The careful construction of this gastight system creates a long-lasting seal that does not require maintenance for years.


The result is a number of gastight CA chambers in which the cocoa can be stored in a controlled manner. Ribbstyle thanks Oxy-Low for the collaboration and is ready to help more companies that will switch to this alternative. For more information, consult Oxy-Low or contact us.

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