Our coating provides a neat finish on the aerated concrete walls in a bakery factory.

In 2017, Mola B.V., producer of unbaked, frozen bakery products, expanded its modern building with 4,000 m² of extra space. The contractor Martens Bouw asked us to apply a coating to the cellular concrete walls of the new expansion on expedition and freezer in the building of Mola.


The expansion was realized with Hebel aerated concrete walls. Cellular concrete consists of billions of cells filled with stationary air. This ensures that aerated concrete is extremely insulating and lightweight. This makes it a porous material. Mola works with the most modern production lines and technologies and therefore wanted a neat finish of the cellular concrete walls. The walls must be resistant to condensation and must be thoroughly cleanable. Aerated concrete is difficult to clean because it absorbs dirt as it were. By finishing the walls with our coating, it is resistant to dirt and moisture and no longer porous.


The moisture content of the substrate

Before starting with our work, it is extremely important that the surface is dry. If the surface is not dry, and differences in temperature arise, the moisture will evaporate and the coating will be full of blisters. The wall may contain a moisture content of up to 4%, which we always test in advance.

Why is the right pre-treatment so important?

We start by repairing some small, normal damages in the wall. We need an even surface to achieve a neat and sleek finish in the end. We also seal the joints, with our elastic sealant RibbSeal. We then treat the wall with CorrFill Primer BN. The aerated concrete is a light powdery material and this primer fixes the wall. Due to the porosity of aerated concrete, it also immediately sucks in moisture or fluid. CorrFill Primer BN ensures that the wall is no longer absorbent. This primer is therefore essential to create a good adhesion of our RibbFill Control Coat on the walls. The coating is applied in two layers of each approximately 1 kg / m².


The walls are provided with a dense layer of coating that is resistant to dirt and moisture. Condensation and dirt is no longer absorbed by the wall, because this cannot penetrate the coating. This keeps the wall dry and hygienic and makes it easy to clean. The wall can also no longer give off dust. Moreover, the space looks fresh and neat, which is very important for Mola. The walls fit very well in their ultramodern factory.

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