Product description

RibbSeal is a high-quality and high-elastic sealing product to seal or repair joints in construction and industry. This sealant is based on hybrid technology and hardens through humidity to a rubber that remains permanently high-elastic. RibbSeal is very suitable for sealing movement joints between concrete, (natural) stone, masonry, steel, stainless steel, coated and anodised aluminum, plastic, PVC, wood, glass.

  • Specially developed for sealing dilatation joints wich are heavily loaded.
  • Sealing building and facade elements, such as panels, plates, prefab elements, window frames, fronts and windows.
  • Sealing joints adjacent to strongly absorbent or porous substrates such as concrete, sand-lime brick and more.
  • Repair sealant for maintenance of connection and expansion joints in construction and industry, based on MSP Hybrid Polymer.
  • Not suitable for continuous water load. Among others not suitable for PE, PP, teflon, wax, neoprene and bitumen surfaces. Not fungicidal.
  • Durable and high-elastic, maximum movement capacity 25%
  • Repaintable with water-based and synthetic paint systems
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all and even damp surfaces
  • Solvent, isocyanate and silicone free
  • Optimum processing properties, slow skin formation and high viscosity
  • Colourfast, UV, weather and aging resistant
  • Tack-free after skin formation so that dirt, dust and sand do not stick
  • Very low emission, certified according to EMICODE EC1 PLUS
  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • Odourless, cures without sticking, blowing or shrinking, CE certified Hybrid System
Application Easy to apply with caulking gun. Consumption & Packaging Usually 8 - 9 m1 per 600 ml
Box of 12 sausages each 600 ml

Technical data

< 2 mm ( ISO7390)
1,46 g/ml
Skin formation time
16 min. (23°C / 55% R.H.)
Curing through (24 hours)
+/- 2 mm (23°C / 55% R.H.)
Max. movement capacity
Temperature resistance after curing
-40°C / +100°C
Mechanical values
2 mm film
Shore A-hardness
30 (DIN53505)
Modulus 100%
0,45 Mpa (DIN53504)
Tensile strength
1,00 Mpa (DIN53504)
Elongation at break
450% (DIN530504)
Application conditions
min. 5°C / max. 40°C
Surface preparation

RibbSeal usually adheres perfectly without the use of a primer on different substrates. Pre-treat porous surfaces with a CorrFill Primer. Always perform an adhesion test on the substrate before application.

Sustainability & Storage

RibbSeal has a shelf life of 18 months, provided that boxes are properly closed and stored frost-free, not in direct sunlight, between 5°C and 25°C.


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