protective coatings

The ProFill products offer a durable protection for your walls, façade plating and roofs, among which brick and metal. The ProFill coating system consists of ProFill Outdoor Coat and ProFill Metal Coat.


ProFill Outdoor Coat

ProFill Outdoor Coat has been specially developed for the treatment of humid spaces like gutters, roofs, walls and façades. This coating makes the surface immediately water-tight and has a very good resistance against temperature fluctuations and weather influences.

ProFill Outdoor Coat is a white, elastic and water-tight coating on basis of higher polymers dispersed in water. The usage is 1 kg/m² provided it is used on a smooth substrate.

The safety card is available on request.


Profill Metal Coat

Profill Metal Coat has been developed for objects with (sheet piling) façade plating, like industrial buildings, shops and factories. This permanent elastic coating offers a durable protection of steel, zinc, aluminium, and copper. ProFill Metal Coat is a semi-fluid rubber-like coating with rust-preventive and water-tight properties. A wear and shock-resistant protection is accomplished with a minimal pre-treatment of the substrate.

ProFill Metal Coat can be applied simply with paint roller or airless-sprayer. The usage is approx. 800 gr/m², dependent on the porosity of the substrate.

The safety card is available on request.


ProFill Roof Coat

ProFill Roof Coat has been specially developed for treatment of roofs (sloping and flat, with or without water stagnation). The main properties of this coating are: a seamless finishing, elastic and completely watertight. Futhermore, the product is root-resistant and thus can be applied with the laying out of green roofs.

ProFill Roof Coat is a 2-components product on basis of water and high-quality composite mineral additives and modified binding agents.

The usage is approx. 2kg/m², dependent on the porosity of the substrate.

The safety card is available on request.


Application possibilities of ProFill:

- metal protection

- anti-corrosion finish

- roof protection and renovations

- water-tight cladding of outside façades

- hygienic cladding of walls

- sheet piling

- inside and outside walls

- rusty substrates

- roofs, balconies and drainage canals