industrial floor systems

MarrFill floor coatings

MarrFill floor coatings vary from simple epoxy to very high-quality polyurethane. Starting point is your requirements for a floor. From a simple garage floor, roll coating, poured coating to guiding floor coating, chemical resistant or high hygienic coatings, you will find an application within the MarrFill group.

MarrFill floor coatings/products are subdivided into a number of applications that should solve the problem, like:

  • Industrial floor systems
    A highly hygienic wear-resistant or chemical-resistant system for floors.
  • Cracks and dilatations
    A crack or dilatation can lead to leakage, inclusion of dirt and insects, or further deterioration of your floor. MarrFill floor coatings take care of reparation systems that bridges cracks and dilatations quickly and elastically.
  • Thresholds and transitions
    Thresholds and transitions from an old to a new floor often lead to unevenness of the floor, damage to product and/or materials and leakage in CA-units. The MarrFill Rapid floor system takes care of a quick and smooth finish with which unevenness in thresholds and transitions is solved adequately.
  • Wall-floor joints
    We introduce herewith the MarrFill LimberPlint for strengthening the wall/floor joints.

MarrFill Rapid

MarrFill Rapid is extremely suitable for the reparation of thresholds and cracks of the floor. As well as for making additions to the floor or equalizing unevenness of the floor. MarrFill Rapid possesses excellent recovery properties and is resistant against chemical loads. This durable and wear-resistant solution is simply to apply on wet and dry production areas, both inside and outside.


MarrFill Limberplint

In many cases the wall/floor joint appears to be of one of the most critical joints. The bottom edge often shows much mechanical damage. Because of it silicone paste could get separated from the bottom edge and an opening would form between the wall and the floor. The opening results in some cases into leakages of the unit.

MarrFill Limberplint is a long-term solution against many of the above-mentioned disadvantages and brings with it exceptional properties like high wear-resistance and crack-bridging properties.

Because of its unique attachment to the substrate, whereby the MarrFill Limberplint does not only attach to the floor but is also secured in the floor, a permanent joint develops. This is in contrast with most conventional systems that separate quicker from the substrate. In this way MarrFill Limberplint distinguishes itself from the present systems in the market.

A safety card on the MarrFill floor systems is available on request.


Application possibilities of MarrFill:

- industrial floors

- battery spaces

- garage floor

- food industry

- sanitaryareas

- sorting areas

- workshops