Product description

Solidlux Instant Coating is a floor coating that is applied at the speed of light. This unique patented coating system is the only floor coating that is cured with a UV lamp. Within minutes, the treated surface is cured and impact resistant. For the customer, there is alsmost no nuisance. One section of the floor can be treated while traffic continues in the other sections. The coating can be applied indoors as well as outdoors.

SolidLux Bieze Foods
  • Extremely fast application
  • Instantly mechanically and chemically resistant
  • Solvent free
  • No influence on taste and smell
  • Barely any nuisance
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Suitable for inside and outside
  • Temperature independent
Application We are a certified applicator of Solidlux Instant Coating. Consumption & Packaging Dependent on project situation

Technical data

S.L. 5017, S.L. 6024, S.L. 7001, S.L. 7010, S.L. 7016, S.L. 7030, S.L. 7032, S.L. 7037
Chemical resistance
Mechanical resistance
Wear resistance
Number of components
1 component
Solvent free
Surface preparation

Clean and degrease the surface. The surface needs to be dry, clean, brushed or already painted.

Sustainability & Storage

This product is applied by our applicators, which means that you will not have to store any of the product.


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