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A gas receiving station is the transition point where the delivery of gas and the national gas network passes onto the regional gas network. The gas receiving station makes sure that the gas ends up at the end consumer. The station does this transition by means of a measure and control installation that lowers the gas pressure from the national gas network to the desired pressure for the regional gas network.

The request

The station consists of two rooms where it is important that no gas can be transported from one room to another in the event of a leak. For this the station has a fire wall consisting of concrete bricks and bricks. However, these stones are vapor-permeable and not gastight. The assignment for Ribbstyle is to seal this fire wall completely with our gastight coating. In this way, no gas can go from one room to another.


This assignment is a specific job in which safety is very important. Therefore, a supervisor of the customer is present throughout the whole job, to ensure that all safety instructions are followed by our applicator. First, all corners are sealed with RibbSeal. After that, the wall is pre-treated with CorrFill Primer BN. This primer is very suitable for these materials as it fixes the substrate and takes away the absorption of the substrate. Then, a first layer of RibbFill Control Coat is applied. This wet layer is completely brushed through to make sure that all openings in the bricks are filled. We finalize our system by applying another layer of RibbFill Control Coat.


The result is a gastight fire wall through which no gas can penetrate. In the unlikely event of a gas leakage in the measure and control installation, there are no direct risks.

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