moisture and vapour-proof

The CorrFill products are resistant against high air humidity and temperature and are applied as vapour and moisture- tight finishing of spaces. These products are used, among others, in mushroom cultivation units, composting tunnels, swimming pools and vapour-proofing in the building trade. The CorrFill coating system consists of CorrFill Indoor Coat, CorrFill Limber Coat and CorrFill Tecocryl.


CorrFill Indoor Coat

CorrFill Indoor Coat has been developed for the vapour-proof finishing of specific constructions such as in large building projects and industrial buildings. The coating is also applied in spaces with high humidity and high temperatures. CorrFill Indoor Coat is a completely vapour-proof, semi-fluid white paste, dispersed in water. This coating forms after drying a permanent elastic rubber-like layer. CorrFill Indoor Coat has to be applied in at least 2 layers. The usage is approx. 2 kg/m2.

The safety card is available on request.


CorrFill Limber coat

CorrFill Limber coat is mainly applied and recommended in the mushroom industry as protective layer in composting tunnels. This coating is also used for the water-tight finishing of concrete surfaces, the protection of polyurethane  insulation foam, the water-tight finishing of reservoirs, etc.

CorrFill Limbercoat is a 2-components silk gloss polyurethane top layer and forms a strong elastic film with an excellent attachment on various substrates. This coating is very resistant against weather influences, chemicals, UV-radiation, mechanical and thermic influences.

The safety card is available on request.


CorrFill Tecocryl

The gastight system for the biogas industry/bio-based economy

A completely new coating system that was developed in first instance specifically for the bio-based economy. A much larger diversity of application possibilities became already apparent during the development stage of CorrFill Tecocryl. Among others, in the waste disposal industry, mushroom composting, freezing and cold stores and as an extremely strong top layer for other CorrFill systems. The CorrFill Tecocryl system has a high chemical resistance and a strong gastight membrane. This coating consists of equivalent products, is simply to repair and has excellent attachment properties.

The safety card is available on request.


Application possibilities CorrFill:

- mushroom cultivation

- composting industry

- wood drying chambers

- biogas industry

- utility building

- swimming pools