How to create an airtight seal

A building detail such as a joint or duct is best made airtight with a liquid membrane such as our airtight sealants. Our airtight sealants with more than 400% elasticity provide a long-term airtight seal on joints and connections in buildings. Creating an airtight seal starts with a good adherence on the substrate. The benefit of our airtight sealants is that it adheres long-term to almost every substrate by using the right primer. Other than applying a band or tape and dealing with folds or creases, the easy application of the coating by brush or spraying machine always provides a sufficient airtight fill of the substrate and joints.

Airtight paint

Our airtight RibbFill coatings have been specially developed to provide a long-term airtight seal for all types of buildings. Instead of air tight tapes or foil, an airtight coating or airtight paint is suitable for all corners and building details. Our two types of air tight paint are RibbFill Control Coat and RibbFill Store Coat. Both products are frequently used as an airtight sealant in industrial applications such as cold rooms and storages.

How to create an airtight building

The airtightness of buildings is mostly found in the small details. Paying attention to minimizing gaps between floors and wall panels at an early construction stage is a good start. However, a building might always experience small movements, resulting in larger seams. Immediately after new constructions, it is wise to provide airtight sealant in joints and wall/floor connections. Where conventional products such as silicone sealant lose elasticity or become dry after a couple of years, our airtight sealants provide an airtight seal for the long-term.

Controlled atmosphere storage

If there is one place where airtightness is critical, it is definitely a controlled atmosphere storage. Controlled atmosphere is a technology to keep fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables preserved after the harvest. In order to control the atmosphere, the storage must be air tight. Especially by treating the storage with an airtight sealant such as RibbFill Control Coat, the atmosphere in the room will not be influenced by air flows from outside of the room.

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ULO cells

ULO cells are storages with an ultra-low oxygen percentage. ULO storage is a type of controlled atmosphere storage. In this storage method a low oxygen percentage and a high carbon dioxide percentage is maintained. This storage method is used in airtight ULO cells and is used for the long-term storage of fruits and vegetables such as apples and pears. It is important that these ULO cells are completely airtight because it is not possible to lower the oxygen percentage or raise the carbon dioxide percentage without it.

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Server room coating

Server rooms are best be protected from moisture, dirt, fire or outside air flows. In some server rooms, the oxygen percentage is even lowered to prevent the outbreak of fire. To control the server room, we supply our airtight sealant products. Our products are wear-resistant and not-fire propagating airtight paints.

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Airtight ripening room

Ripening rooms make it possible to ripen fruits and vegetables until the right color, taste, quality and hardness is achieved. Usually the ripening process is done by the use of ethylene gas. To ripen until precise levels of taste or color are achieved, a perfect climate control is needed. An airtight ripening room helps in maintaining control of the atmosphere. In this way, the risk of outside influences affecting the ripening result is significantly reduced. On top of that, the ethylene gas doesn’t escape through the airtight seal on joints or seams.

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