Airtight seal build-up

The right build-up of an airtight seal makes it high quality and long lasting. The most important step is to prepare the surface. Clean the surface and let it dry thoroughly. Choose the right primer, if needed. This will create a long-term adherence of the airtight sealant on the surface. Contact us to know which build-up is recommended for your construction project. Subsequently, the right airtight sealant can be applied with the right application technique. For example, create a quick airtight seal using an airless spraying machine. Always take drying times into account.

Application benefits of liquid airtight sealant

There are several benefits of using a liquid airtight sealant. A seamless work process and result is definitely one of the most significant benefits. When using an airless tape or foil, it might be difficult to create a seamless airtight seal, without any folding. Especially in the corner details, a liquid membrane proves its worth. On top of that, the glue of an airtight tape could harden and lose its adherence due to breakages. In this way, the airtight seal might lose its complete hermeticity. The application technique and speed is another benefit for a liquid airtight membrane such as our airtight sealants. It’s made easy to apply the products quickly and have a sufficient fill of the surface, also in the corners and joints that are hard to reach.

Durability of airtight sealant

By using durable and high quality products and the right build-up of these products, a durable airtight seal is created. The durability of such an airtight seal is mainly made possible because of two aspects, elasticity and adherence. The elasticity of the airtight sealants makes sure that the seal can the seal can easily adjust to the structure of the building. Even after several years the elasticity does not fade or dry out. The adherence of the right primer, if needed, makes sure that the airtight seal does not Lose its grip. The right build-up of the airtight seal is very important, because the preparation of the surface is key in this process.

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