Airtight construction

Airtight construction has become more and more important over the years to save energy and achieve a complete control of the climate. Airtight construction considers the elimination of unintended building gaps, through which unwished air is flowing. Airtight construction is typically achieved by using airtight objects to make up the building such as wall systems and windows, but for any objects such as joints or seams, RibbFill Airtight XT enhances airtight construction. The airtight coating provides an airtight seal on almost every substrate and can be used for indoor and outdoor airtight construction.

Building airtight with RibbFill Airtight XT

Our airtight coating RibbFill Airtight XT is a waterborne, durable and airtight coating for sealing surfaces and connections. After drying, it forms a resistant, rubbery and elastic layer. Due to the adhesion to even slightly damp surfaces, the product can almost always be used!

Outdoor applications:

  • Sealing seams of frames and facades
  • Connections of roofs to facades and walls
  • Seams outside and roof ridges
  • Tubing and sealing of windows and doors


  • Elastic over 200%
  • Seamless, flexible, ideal for difficult corners
  • Airtight and vapor barrier
  • No pre-treatment or bonding primer required
  • Adhesion on almost all and also slightly damp surfaces
  • Short drying time

The airtight coating is available in a hand-held 5 kg bucket, making it very easy to take with you on construction sites! Easy to apply with roller or brush. Also possible to have this coating applied by the Ribbstyle team. We are VCA, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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Airtight building

Create an airtight building step by step with Ribbstyle coating.

How to create an airtight building
RibbFill Airtight XT

Our airtight coating is certified for airtightness and watertightness.

RibbFill Airtight XT