To prevent the inner climate of the silo to be influenced by outer air, the silo can be finished with a silo coating, providing an airtight seal on the outer surface. Our gastight coating products such as RibbFill Control Coat are widely used to provide a hermetic sealing of silos. When a moisture barrier is needed, our vapourtight coatings are used.

Making a gastight surface with silo painting

To create a gastight silo, it is important that all joints and seams of the silo are sealed with a gastight seal. A gastight seal must be elastic and durable. The gastight seal made with the RibbFill coating system has extreme gastightness, 400% elasticity and hygienic properties, making it an excellent silo paint.

Rust inhibitor paint for silo’s

In our possibilities we also offer anti corrosion coatings to increase the lifespan of a steel surface. For silos made of steel, affected by the influences of weather, a rust inhibitor paint of Ribbstyle provides a durable protection. An anti rust coating such as ProFill Metal Coat Plus has an excellent adhesion to steel and high corrosion resistance for sheet pile profiles and storage tanks.

Heat reflective silo paint

With steel silos standing in the middle of the sun, it can be hard to keep the indoor temperature low. For the product inside of the silo it is important to realease the extra heat built up inside of the silo. This proves to be an expensive process. With a heat reflective coating such as Adgreencoat, the silo can keep its indoor temperature lower.

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Gastight finishing system for fumigation in silo’s

Fumigation with phosphine is a widely used method to eliminate pests from bulk storage. However, fumigating with phosphine in a room or silo that is not completely sealed can cause resistance of the insects harming the raw materials. When a percentage of the gas escapes through unsealed joints, causing a lower concentration for fumigation in the silos, it can lead to not eliminating all pests and increase resistance levels of insects. A silo that is finished with a gastight coating and pressure tested for gastightness can hold gas concentrations sufficient to kill all insects.

The Australian Standard AS2628 also outlines that cladding should be durable and require minimal cleaning. Our hygiene coating that provides a gastight seal does not react with gases such as phosphine but ensures a gastight finish to keep the gases inside of the silo. The gastight coating makes the silo insect proof. It can reduce the use of pesticides or even open possibilities for treatment with Controlled Atmosphere as pest-control.

Advantages of painting silos with Ribbstyle coating

  • Ribbstyle’s gastight seal increases the effectiveness of fumigation treatments
  • A painted silo has a higher outdoor durability
  • Silo coating protects the silo from the influences of outer air
  • Take control of the humidity percentage in the silo using our moisture barriers
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Gastight coatings

Our gastight coatings are specially developed for your storage.

Gastight coatings
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