Ribbstyle roof coatings and Adgreencoat are used as an ecological protective layer for roofs, with its main object to reflect the light and heat of the sun. A heat resistant roof can result in lower indoor temperatures and significant energy savings.

Heat reflecting paint for roofing

Ribbstyle’s ProFill Roof Coat is a protective roof coating that is used as a UV-resistant layer under solar panels as well as an ecological protective layer for all roofs. When applied in a white color, it protects the roof with its UV resistance against heating and thermal shocks.

For significant solar reflection, the Adgreencoat is a special heat reflective paint based on patented nano technology. It is a white reflective cooling roof paint for several types of sloping roofs. It is waterborne, environmentally friendly and most importantly, heat reflective. With Adgreencoat, reflective roofs are easily created. In combination with a primer such as ProFill Metal Coat Plus, the right base for the roof is applied, making it seamless and elastic. After drying, the heat reflective Adgreencoat can be applied. Surfaces that have been painted with Adgreencoat reflect up to 87% of the heat radiation of the sun.

Solar reflective paint to control indoor climate

Solar reflective paints such as ProFill Roof Coat and Adgreencoat are an excellent alternative to conventional heat insulation. Surfaces that have been painted with Adgreencoat reflect up to 87% of the heat radiation of the sun. In comparison to conventional products, Adgreencoat has a higher heat conductivity, enhanced heat resistance and durability and lower thermal expansion.

For companies with cooling systems, refrigeration areas or controlled atmosphere, the solar reflective paints can really make a difference in energy consumption. When the indoor temperature is less affected by the heat of the sun, less cooling actions have to be used to maintain the right temperature.

Advantages of Ribbstyle reflective roofcoating

The main advantage of heat-reflection on roofs is that it provides lower roof surface temperatures and lower indoor temperatures, reducing the energy consumption of cooling systems.

  • The reflective roof paint causes less heat build-up in structures
  • Reflective roof coating results in lower indoor temperatures
  • With a heat resistant roof there is a load reduction on cooling- and air-conditioning systems
  • A reflective roof helps lower CO2 emissions
  • With a reflective roof paint, energy savings up to 40% can be made