Product description

RibbFill Airtight XT is a waterborne, one-component sealing product with a very good adhesion on different substrates. RibbFill Airtight XT is specifically designed for the airtight and watertight finishing of surfaces and connections both indoors and outdoors. The product can also be applied to slightly damp surfaces.

Luchtdichte coating
  • Elasticity over 200%
  • Airtight and vapor-proof
  • High solid content
  • Adhesion also on light-damp surfaces
  • Retains its original film thickness
  • Good resistance to some mineral acids, oils and alkalis
  • Unsaponizable
  • Sustainable and wear-resistant
  • Short drying time
  • Rubber-like elastic layer
  • Can be painted, plastered or papered after drying
Application Easy to apply with a roller, brush or airless spraying machine. Apply directly to the substrate in two layers without primer. Clean tools with water after use. Consumption & Packaging Usually 400 g/m² per layer
Buckets of 5 kg or 25 kg

Technical data

satin gloss
Solid content
ca. 55% (weight) / ca. 55% (volume)
1,0 +/- 0,05
300 - 400 P (Brookfield 20 Rpm)
VOC content
max. 1 g/ltr
EU limit value (cat. A/i)
140 g/L
Recommended film thickness
400 g/m²
Drying time (20°C / 50% R.H.)
2 hours
repaintable after 4 hours
Application conditions
min. 5°C / max. 80% R.H.
HS code
Surface preparation

Make sure the surface is dry, cleaned and dust-free. RibbFill Airtight XT can be applied directly onto plastic, polyethylene, wood and mineral substrates. Mix well before use! Apply RibbFill Airtight XT undiluted and evenly in different layers to the substrate onto a layer thickness of 1 to 3 milimeters. It is recommended to apply the second layer only after the first layer has cured. The application thickness must be measured (wet) using a layer thickness meter. For wall connections, ensure that the RibbFill Airtight XT forms a seamless membrane of +/- 15 cm on both surfaces. Please note that RibbFill Airtight XT cannot be diluted and cannot be used with continuous water load.

Sustainability & Storage

RibbFill Airtight XT has a shelf life of 12 months, provided that opened buckets are properly closed, are stored frost-free, not in direct sunlight, between 5°C and 25°C.


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