Solidlux Instant Coating is a suitable system for companies or places where there is no time to lay work activities down for maintenance. It is a patented coating system that cures immediately after application. As a result, it can be applied in business areas and the company can immediately enter the treated surface.


This coating system can be applied to almost any surface, indoors and outdoors. You can opt for lines, but also for larger surfaces. It is chemically and mechanically resistant and temperature independent immediately after application. Because it is solvent-free and does not affect odor and taste, it is also suitable for food processing companies.

Working method

First, the surface is cleaned so that it is free of dust and grease. Lines are taped to get straight lines. Complete surfaces are distributed in such a way that you experience as little nuisance as possible. The Solidlux is then applied and cured almost immediately by means of UV lighting. After curing, the surface can be fully loaded. This makes it a very suitable system for companies where work continues all the time, such as a work space.

Ribbstyle is trained as an applicator of Solidlux Instant Coating. Fill in your details at the bottom of the page and contact us without obligation. Are you looking for a different type of line? We also have our own floor coatings.

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