Atmosphere Storage

Controlled atmosphere storage is the process in which dioxide, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen are regulated. Ca storage reduces the oxygen in an airtight or sealed room. By creating a gastight storage we can now easily adjust the CO2  and O2 without the loss or entry of air. Therefore it is ideal for the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. With Ribbstyle you can easily create a gastight seal. Even on seams!

Controlled atmosphere fruit storage

Scientific studies show that fruits and vegetables consume O2 and release CO2. In addition, the study proves that O2 and CO2 have a big influence during the ripening process of especially apples. Therefore it is very important to control the atmosphere in your apple fruit storage cell. We offer a gastight sealing which guarantees a 100% controllable atmosphere within your storage cell.

  • RibbFill provides an extremely gastight finish to your fruit storage cell
  • Resistant, thick layer with elasticity up to 400%
  • 100% controllable atmosphere
  • Ideal for control over the ripening process of fruits and vegetables

Controlled atmosphere with gastight coating

We have an extensive experience making gastight (fruit) storages. For instance, we have successfully completed a project with Fruit farm van Damme. We were asked to make a few CA/ULO cold storages gastight.

The first step in creating a gastight controlled atmosphere storage is to build the sandwich panels correctly and to seal the joints with a re-paintable non-silicone sealant, such as RibbSeal. Without using sealant, air bells can be trapped under the coating or the right layer thickness cannot be obtained. Consequently, all joints should be treated with our gastight coating system. A long-lasting gastight finish of a ca storage is only realized with gastight coating. Due to the right dry film thickness of our coating, a long-term gastight finish is easily achieved.

 “With RibbStyle’s gastight coating I am sure that my fruit storage rooms are gastight at present and in the future” – Henk van Damme – Director fruit farm van Damme

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