Garage Floor Coating

MarrFill Floor Coat: The coating for a clean and well protected garage floor

Garage Floor Coating
An important aspect for your garage floor coating is the ability to provide resistance to oil, grease, gasoline and other chemicals. By using our own patented product, called "MarrFill", we create a low maintenance, wear and scratch resistant floor. Ideal for in a garage!

The composition of these high-quality coatings is based on a solvent-free, two-component product. This is environmentally friendly and leaves no unpleasant odor after.
It can be purchased in order to apply it yourself and process but more often Ribbstyle also provides the coating application. This way you are assured of the correct application of the product and you are guaranteed five-year warranty on the garage floor coating.
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  • Ultra hygienic, durable and chemically resistant system for floors
  • Fast and smooth finish that resolves issues with floor irregularities and room transitions
  • Excellent protection against mechanical load and easy to clean

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