Airtight paint for the long-term

A long-term airtight seal is easily created with our airtight paints. Developed specifically for the airtight sealing of building details and applied for over 35 years in various projects, these airtight paints are the durable and reliable solution that you have been looking for. An airtight paint is suitable for the flex seal caulking of joints, seams, cracks or complete walls and panels.

Two types of airtight paint

We have developed two types of airtight paint to create an airtight seal on building details. These airtight paints are RibbFill Control Coat and RibbFill Store Coat. RibbFill Control Coat is our 1-component airtight paint that not only provides an airtight seal but creates a hygienic finishing as well. This airtight paint can be applied quickly using an airless spraying machine. RibbFill Store Coat, our second airtight paint, is a thicker airtight coating that is mainly applied by hand to create an airtight seal on large seams or cracks. Especially for older constructions this airtight coating is very suitable.

Applications for airtight paint

Our airtight paints are used to seal any type of building or space that needs to be airtight. From when we started, our airtight paints were used in cold rooms, storages for apples and Controlled Atmosphere rooms. In these areas, very low oxygen percentages are maintained so an extreme airtightness is needed.

Due to the high-quality functioning properties of our airtight paints being high airtightness as well as hygienic finishing, its applications have expanded to other industries such as food, health and leisure. These are spaces to store bulk food such as grains, rice or cocoa, spaces where food is processed, laboratories or clean rooms and high-stage training rooms.

To this day, the application of our airtight paints in cold rooms and storages for fruits is an indispensable part of the process. From our experience in this industry, where working with extreme airtightness is vital, combined with working in a variety of other areas, we have continuously improved and committed to providing you with the best airtight sealants and the right application advice.

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